Monday, 10 January 2011

A few short hours..

Yesterday I finally had the chance with some friends to spend some time with our former teacher since she undergone an operation.

Didn't want to trouble her so we brought some food with us to her house.

See all these for only seven of us...hehehe..


We had pleasant, enjoyable hours reminiscing school days, esp. as she was our warden(luckily she didnt have time to tell us the horror/scary stories, hehe) and also our Geography teacher...that even thou we planned to leave after Zuhr prayer/lunch hour, we ended leaving after 'Asr instead and I reached home about 7pm.

What's few memorable hours for someone who had been there for us for 5 years n more after that...sent her a thank you message upon reaching home and she replied that she had a happy time too and invited us to her house again..

Thank you teacher!

Goofy - Teachers Are People

(A short film from 1952 about being a teacher.)



Jolly Princess said...

Gosh! You are so cruel! (lol) Here I am taking my Nestle cereal drink and cup of pineapple tidbits. While helplessly looking at the variety of foods in your blog. :)

Hmmm... at any rate I will take the fruits. Yup! I am serious about dieting in 2011. :)

papabear said...

raya pun kalah cam ni... eh bukan ke u diet... oh ya, itu last year punya... hehehe...

Cat-in-Sydney said...

And there were 17 cats eyeing you too. purrr....meow!

Nana said...

Salam Cheqna.
Ni pergi melawat ke buka parti? Banyaknya makanan!! Harap2 your teacher bukan buat operation perut ya. ;)
Anyway, it was really nice of you to visit your former teacher. Not many people still remember, what more keep in touch with their former teachers. :)

TK said...

Wow that's a lot of food dear!
You makan buah je kan???hehe
So very nice of you all..
I have no idea where my teachers are nowadays.
Thanks for sharing the inspirational message. Betul tu..a teacher should never gif up :)

I amsterdam said...

You and your friends are truly wonderful x students. I do not know what happens to my teachers now!!

Tapi makanan tu memang banyak & sedap2.. When u come to my house, will u bring that same food pleaseee!!! :D

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna, somehow watching that starfish video makes me sad really... I believe there are lots of starfishes outthere in our country.

NARDtheNERD said...

sedappnye roti jala...

umihoney said...

Salam sejahtera Cheqna

Thank you for sharing the vids..the food mmm..alahai what can I say hehehe..hantam saja la labu

Take care :D

peah @ peps said...

cheqna...that roti jala looks so yummy...I shall find one today...

by the way cheqna and buddies....jom join my contest...hehe..saje je..nak buat give away...:)
"Love to me is ...." or "Cinta bagi saya adalah..." Contest by Cik Peah


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