Thursday, September 2, 2010

Latest from my kitchen..

Can't wait for bread-maker machine (read here) to find its way to my kitchen (hehe) decided to use my "hand machine" instead.. :-)

When I told Batrisyia, she said she'd love to watch me make it when I go back home and giggled when I said that we'd have to sing "Hot Cross Buns" (here)

Every Ramadan, "Bubur lambuk Terengganu" (a special rice porridge dish of Terengganu state) is a must have, so made it on Sunday :

[Cats, TK ~ for your eyes only :-) ]

and cooked this crab with chilli (ketam berlado..hehe)

Apart from "bubur lambuk", I usually make extra effort cooking dishes that I seldom do in other months

~ Paceri nenas (pineapple in thick curry)

~ masak lemak betik with ikan masin (papaya and salted fish cooked in coconut milk)

and desserts...

~pancake with sweet durian sauce(durian in coconut milk)

~ "cek mek molek" (made from sweet potato)

~ mini murtabak, d idea came from Meen :-)

~ pudding (eaten with evaporated milk and fruit cocktail)

With all the food cooked, I'm so glad that I still managed to lose at least 2kgs after few weeks of fasting when I stepped on d scale yesterday morning...

but someone pointed out that I could easily gain it back by the 2nd day of Eid celebration!





To Isal ~ thank you for this award that you gave for my "Tajweed" blog


  1. Cheqna,
    Are you sure the weighing machine is calibrated properly? purrrr.....meow!

  2. wahhh..I love chek mek molek..syok bila makan,air gula dia meleleh,sangat heaven!Wah,cantiklah murtabak you..I loike!

  3. the buns are soooo gebusss!!
    3 back to u $$$!

  4. Buat buka sah kenyang tu, jimat pun jimat tak perlu beli juadah di bazar ramadhan.

  5. Wah...byknya food..macam buffet ramadhan kat hotel!
    Congrats dah turun 2 kg.
    I slalunya hari raya pertama dah naik balik sekilo huhu..

  6. Salam Aidil Fitri buat Cheqna, suami dan anak-anak. Semoga bertambah berkat, makmur dan sejahtera di tahun-tahun mendatang. Apa salah dan silap selama berblog ini, maafkanlah saya. Happy Eid ul Fitri.

  7. alamak!! xleh dok lama2 kt blog akak terliur plak tgk makanan byk? hehehe ape2pun respek kat akak! pandai masak! :)

  8. cek mek molek tu nampak sedap. kalau tau resepi dia..

  9. selamat hari raya kak cheqna!! raya mne thn ni kak?

  10. awsome! how did i miss this!!! =P~. .. im salivating all over the place



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