Friday, 6 February 2009

Short notes.

1. I've been so, so looking forward to a trip up north during this long weekend to visit our nephew at his new boarding school...had planned to bake him some of his favourites - choc chip cookies and a chicken dish for tomorrow's lunch. Rest house had been booked and this afternoon went to buy a badminton racket and some chocolates to be brought to him.

But by late this evening, the trip had to be cancelled, got a call from my sister that Nazeem and some of his friends had been infected with "chicken pox", and they have been given two weeks to recuperate at home.

Hope Nazeem gets well soon...ameen.

mmm...there goes our weekend plan, stuck in KL for 3 days! hehehe....


2. I love driving but its only a short distance from home and office. So sometimes when I have the chance to drive far (or when I'm confident enough to "venture out" of my comfort zone, hehehe...) I'd take the chance to listen to my favourite songs.

Today, I needed to go to KL town for some errands, and there I was driving in one lane listening to KL radio when one car "swerved" in front of me without giving any signal. Luckily I was not driving fast. I didnt notice its registration number bcos I was busy noticing that the car had a "Manchester United" sticker at its back...hahaha..


3. At one time when I was working too hard, I got this in my mail box :

I'm taking it easy now, don't want to end up like that.. hahaha..but I hope there'll be bonus or increment for us this year..hehehe..

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Ron Centeno said...

hahaha! definitely don't want to end like that!


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