Thursday, 22 January 2009

Trip : Bandung.

I have a group of friends that I fondly refer to as "the gang". Last weekend while I was in my hometown, some got together at Rois's place to watch Ayu's photos of her trip with Tiff to some parts of India, and also the 1000's pics of Rois's and Nieza's trip to Egypt recently.

Not sure how many turned up that day, but I hope there's going to be repeat, after all I owe them nasi lemak for the brunch...he he he..

Our get together would always make me smile for days. One of the precious moments spent with the gang (taken from my other blog) was our trip to Bandung.

"Feb. 2007 : The idea of us going away sounded so good. We finally decided to venture out of Malaysia as (all our) passports (are) still valid. But it seemed we could only agree for end of July..."

"June 2007 : we already had the tickets to Bandung n accomodation there. Flight details - 26 July : departure 7.35 am from LCCT, arrival: 8.40 am Bandung. Transfer provided straight to hotel. 29 July: departure 9.05 am from Bandung, arrival 12.10 pm KL (one hour time difference bandung and KL)"

What a great holiday we had.

Last year I went there again with my sister and her officemates. We love going to "Pasar Baru"...apart from shopping - window or otherwise :-) - we haven't forgotten the fried fish, avocado/strawberry juice that we had for lunch there..he he he...

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