Monday, 19 January 2009

Artist : Siti Nurhaliza

She is the most successful artist in Malaysia's music industry, has been in the "open" since she won her "Bintang RTM" back in 1995 (if I'm not mistaken). Since then she has won so many competitions and awards, won the hearts of many Malaysians with her voice.

I like listening to some of her songs, especially while driving long distance..I can then sing along to avoid feeling bored or sleepy :-)

This video was during her first song competition on TV3, 1996's "Juara Lagu", I think she won the best ballads song for this "Jerat Percintaan" ("Trap of Love" - hehehe).

"Dialah Di-Hati" at Royal Albert Hall, London in 2004, this is one of my favourite song.

Video clip of "Nazam Lebaran", one of her Hari Raya songs.

"Balqis" is one of her best from her traditional/ethnic albums.

Singing "Cahaya Cinta" during her wedding reception.

"Ku Mahu" from her last pop album.

Her latest traditional/ethnic album, "Lentera Timur" was recently launched.


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