Friday, 23 May 2014

Clouds over Northern states

Was in Kedah with a good friend of mine last week for girls' weekend , visiting and staying at another friend's house. It was fun acting as tourists with our host and some other friends up north who were great and very accommodating. :-)

Here we go..

My first time flying "Firefly"  :-)

..and that's why I ended with more than 700 photos when I uploaded photos from my camera and mobile phone over the 3 days we were there....hahaha..

Sharing here some photos of my "on cloud nine moments" taken using my mobile phone..

I spotted  formation like a teddy bear...hehehe

Panoramic view on the way to Kangar, Perlis.

Over the paddy field


Clouds over Jerai Mountain.

On top of Jerai Mountain...nice place.

p/s - I miss blogging and reading other friends' posts..



Thomas Lee said...

nice view,love the paddy field.

MumMe said...

awan2 yg sgt cantik,kak cheqna...mcm kat somewhere overseas yg gambar jalan ke Kangar tu...

Betsy Adams said...

Hello There, We just got home from a great week--which was a terrific 'healing' experience for me --as I recover from gallbladder surgery followed by that wicked infection... You'll have to check out my blog post today (if you haven't done so yet).

Sounds like you had a marvelous trip... I KNOW about taking tons of photos. We do the same thing. I try to work on them each night (while we are on vacation) --and put them in folders (organizing them) so that they won't be so overwhelming when we get home... I realize though that sometimes, that is not possible to do!!!!!

Great set of photos... Love all of the SKY ones.


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