Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just for a little bit of fun.

..with games that I came across in FB this few days.


Personality Test

What kind of fruit am I?

My colour?

Local park??? I'd love to travel far and wide if I can afford it...hehehe..


 The kind of bird I am...

Sounds a bit like a boring person..hehehe..

So ...

...what's my mental age?




  1. ada gak buat some of the tests...maybe dah invalid sbb dah 4tahun...hiksssss...

  2. Some of these tests are very interesting and come close to the mark, although I must say that the one that suggested you venture to the local park didn't do a good job of capturing the true you.

  3. kite dah lama tak but quiz fb ni... hehehe.

  4. hahaha kelakarnya games nih.....dah lama xmasuk fb rupanya ada juga games macamnie :)

  5. Hello on a gorgeous, spring day in TENNESSEE. Wow---after the long and bitter winter we had this year, Spring is even more inviting and lovely.

    I love playing those silly games.. The one I really liked was the bird one --since it told me that I am an EAGLE--one of my favorite birds.

    We are now home 'again' --after our 5th trip since the end of February.... Seems as if we visited five different states --although the trips weren't planned for that reason... ha... BUT--as I always say, it's great to be home... I did publish a blog post today--so check it out when you have time. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. tetiba rindu pulak nak buat kuiz cam ni..hihi



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