Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MH370 : Half closure

Last night when a friend sent a message telling me about the press conference that would be held at 10pm, my heart sank...I had a feeling that our Prime Minister was going to be a bearer of bad news.

When just before the announcement, another friend posted in my group chat a message that was sent to relatives informing them of the latest status, I started to feel down.

Praying and hoping that the plane and answer will emerge soon, giving full closure to this sad moment, amiin.

In the mean time, I'd like to quote some posts from FB :


"hate the governing party as you wish. that's your right. but to insult and humiliate your own country in light of an unprecedented crisis in world aviation history, despite all the well coordinated and impressive search and rescue efforts, just because you don't like the governing party, it's beyond being mere 'unfair' to the government. I would, in my personal and unrepresentative opinion, think that it's treacherous and shameful."

"MH 370 SAR.
Bear in mind that the members of the SAR team are risking their lives in the effort to locate the missing plane. The far part of the South Indian Ocean, which borders Antartica, is one of the most inhospitable areas of the planet.It is constantly subject to extreme winds and high waves with no significant land mass in sight. It is an extremely risky SAR operation.
Wish them luck"

"NO country has a monopoly on grief.

...remember, there are 239 souls on MH370, not just 152. The world has witnessed the antics of the families of the 152.

Malaysia lost 50 of its citizens. These are fathers, wives, siblings and children of quietly grieving families across our land. Indonesia lost seven people, Australia six, India five, with others spread over 11 other countries and territories."


To all muslims on board the flight MH370..AlFatihah
to the non muslims, rest in peace..

and to the families left behind, please remain strong.


MumMe said...

this is the most critical moments for Malaysia from every angles and aspects,in my opinion.Lets pray to Allah that He keep our country safe and cared.

Cheqna said...


George said...

I can't begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster the families of the passengers are enduring. One day's promising lead seems to be tomorrow's disappointment.

Cheqna said...

If hijacked and taken to a different route hopes are there..but with findings of debris at Indian Ocean...we never know until its confirmed as that of MH370.


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