Monday, 20 January 2014

Trying to keep up :-)

hahaha...its already the 20th day in January 2014 and this is only my second post!

Ok, that's one resolution that I'm trying to keep. Another one is to cut down on my travelling..guess I overdid last year that it took toll on my health.

Also I don't want my mum and family worry about me being away too much (unless the travelling is to go back to my hometown...hehe..)

But somehow this month alone I was tempted with offers to join 3 trips to 3 different locations!

1 ~ Jakarta-Bandung-Solo-Jogja in Indonesia

2 - Universal Studio in Singapore

3 - Mumbai, India. I wish...hahaha..

So to avoid the temptations, I booked a last minute ticket to my hometown for a break last week, and "cure" my itchy travel feet...hehehe...

Sharing some photos taken last week :

By the way, its "Visit Terengganu" this year.

We seldom go out to eat as mum is not really into going out for meals, but when she said she wanted to go for hi-tea at this place, we made the effort to fulfill it. 

This place @ Hotel Primula is the only hotel that she's comfortable with.

Some of the food that I managed to nephew took more   :-)

Ok that's the update on eating and food..hehe...


We planned to hire some bikes and ride at Taman Tamadun Islam park near our home but the day (Tuesday) that we went, the park was closed (its open to public from Wednesday to Monday only from 9am to 6pm).

So that day to went for a walk instead ~ to panoramic hill near the city centre. It was our first time there and we had a nice walk...we should go again.  

Another evening I played volleyball with my nieces....was quite surprised that they could play.

The next photos were taken whilst passing through the famous beach area in K.Terengganu, Pantai Batu Burok. 

But yesterday evening I was already back in K.L. The following view was taken on ERL (train express) from KLIA to KL Sentral.

mmmm...back at work today.

Have a productive week everyone!



George said...

It looks as if you had a very pleasant visit in your hometown, and I'm sure everyone was happy to see you and have you with them for a few days.

MumMe said...

we aim for your no2 (USS) waaaay this coming raya...sooo lambat lagi... I love travelling the BEST.. hope dpt ikut roommate outstation Terengganu this year...x dpt2...

Lina Gustina said...

Nice share, Cheqna. Wish I can travel a lot like you :)

thomas said...

I love the nasi dagang and keropok lekor.

Amri Abd Rani said...

Salam Cheqna...

Apa khabar ... lama xbersapa....
bukan Pakwi betapa...

Seronok makan angin nampaknya....


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