Wednesday, 29 January 2014


As I seldom have the chance to really sit down and update here using my pc these days..I'm testing now to update using my (not so)smart phone.

Its hard...haha...

Resting by the pool, people watching (or rather short napping...hahaha..)

First walking exercise at this place this year after a long break. No jogging/running yet  :-)

Anyway, thats one new application that I'd downloaded to my phone - instaweather...and where i was during the weekend..hehe..


p/s - took me half an hour to finish the above...! Hehehe..


MumMe said...

nice weather plus nice weekend...

Cheqna said...

Indeed MumMe :-)

Al-Manar said...

The city of Pengkalan Maras may not have the towering building like KL but we have stormy weather and a very large swimming pool with waves and all.It is all nice and cool here with no traffic jam except when the herd of cows cross the road.

Jolly Princess said...

No worries your cell phone is even better than mine. Happy blogging! :)


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