Friday, July 5, 2013

My calender and "Aliens in d house"

I'm not sure if my boss is nervous or irritated whenever he sees me holding my desk calender these days... :-D ...

Recently he "caught" me holding one and asked whether I was planning another holiday,

mmmm... luckily then I could say truthfully that I was checking something that was work related...(but I did point out that my next leave would be for Eid celebration in few weeks time....hehe.)

Not phobia with calender I hope... haha...

Anyway...last weekend I was in my hometown for a short break before the fasting month..and one of the activities that my nieces did was playing dough.

Enjoy them! :-D

I said its "Alien" in our hometown.. a sweet looking one  :-)

Slightly angry looking errr..."Upin"

A "lollipop" that started with many "keropok lekor"

Another invasion of Aliens..haha...

That were supposed to be the characters of Jarjit and Mei Mei of Upin Ipin series.. :-D

and ehem... the Upin & Ipin .. hehe..sorry.

I love them all...thank you to my nieces..Ain, Sya and Balqees.

And finally this yummy looking "doughnut" for "auntie meow's" birthday...hehehe...

I still couldn't stop grinning when I see these pictures again or when I thought about it...hahaha.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow! A young artist at work.

  2. "saya suka, saya suka" Mei-Mei dialogue from series Upin & Ipin. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan 1434.

  3. Someone is very creative with the Play Dough... Such adorable creations!!!! Love them ALL.

    Guess you do such a great job with work that your boss doesn't want you to take vacations.... BUT--I'm sure you deserve those days off.


  4. Your nieces are very talented. I like their work (and your photos!).

  5. Fun shots, Cheqna!
    Happy Ramadhan as well...

  6. salam ramadan..selamat berpuasa

  7. kreatif dan berseni...salam ramadhan kak cheqna...entri khas buat kak cheqna dan kawan2...



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