Monday, 29 April 2013

Thinking of you : Balqees

Sometimes when I'm tired I'd think about happy things...and thinking of my younger nieces could always lower my stress level, make me forget my tiredness....,

and this was what I did earlier :-)

During last Eid her "Najwa Latif's tudung style"

This was her "acting" like she didn't want her photo taken...hehe..

Photo sent by her mum a couple of years back.

Playing kite at the beach

During our trip to Kinabalu Park in December 2012..with her new "pet".

Being playful ~ "sulking"

Playing games at her mum's phone...such concentration...

Yup..., feeling better now.



George said...

I think it is impossible to look at these pictures without smiling.

Bieaz said...

sangat photogenic ur nieces sis....hehehe

thomas said...

A very cheerful child.

Che Pah said...

Cheqna, her 'young lady like' sarung style is yet to be seen...


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