Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekends on the road

When its gonna be my really free "stay-at-home" weekend? I feel like I've been here and there since November 2012...2 years in running and in active mode...(2012 and now it??? hehehe...)

The previous two weekends were spent "holidaying" at my hometown ~ 10 days away...hmmm, how nice.

This week am back at my work place and the weekend "away" routine continued. Last Saturday morning was in KL running an errand or two...and then from noon onwards was in Cyberjaya for an Alumni programme.

Training to be a better "volunteer" 

Early Sunday morning we were already on the road to Kuala Kangsar, visiting my nephew and for a rugby tournament at his school  :-D (no he didn't play rugby but my nephew said I should not miss this tournament as I had attended the first two..haha)

I enjoyed this year's games better. MCKK became the champ but I missed the final at 6pm as we had to make the 250km journey home by 4pm...

Actually I'm ok with this away status as long I'm able to do so, in good health and good spirit. I need to plan something so that I can look forward to the end of the week...hehe..and in saying so, I believe there is a carnival "WOW" at Putrajaya this Saturday to already thinking about it...haha..




  1. Hi, YES---stay busy and stay active as long as you can. That does keep one young and healthy!!! Sounds like your weekends are always full of JOY.


  2. It sounds as if you have been busy, but having fun at the same time. Enjoy your weekend adventures!

  3. Looks like you're back,keep up the good spirits and stay healthy

  4. Hahaha, you always know how to spend weekends in joy :)
    My late visit, Cheqna...

  5. having fun cheqna....enjoy ur weekend dear
    bie je belum ada apa2 plans nak dibuat



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