Monday, 31 December 2012

Kinabalu Park (2) - Mount Kinabalu.

"Mount Kinabalu is the most dramatic feature in Sabah and the tallest peak between the Himalayas & the New Guinea. Towering at 4,095 metres (13,435 feet), Mount Kinabalu exerts a magical quality that is both indescribable and unbelievable. The granite peaks are constantly veiled in wisps of clouds"

What we should see was something like this google image:

But although the weather was sunny and nice...., due to the cloud surrounding the peak, all I got were these... :-)

Panoramic view from the deck

It would have been nice to see something like this from the deck :

mr google image

Some friends said they haven't been to Kinabalu so there's a possibility I could go again ...hehehe

But of course I'm not planning or have the intention (at the moment) to climb all the way to the what my boss has done yearly for the past few years...hahaha...

mr google image



thomas said...

I have never been there yet,
for me Sabah is the most beautiful state in Malaysia and i reakon it will take me more than a month to go around.

Arjuna Silvera said...

surprise..but mr gogle image speaks..

first i thought your images


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