Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Eating sessions with friends (1)

First it was a "dim sum" on Saturday

Some of us were quite hungry by the time we reached the place., luckily some friends who had reached there earlier had ordered first...,

but I didn't bother with taking photos much....hahaha..

By the second set of order, we had slowed down...hehehe...

Had an enjoyable time with good friends...and were quite full after few hours there, but we still stopped next door for dessert of ice-cream and drinks...hehehe..

Next was the BBQ and steamboat at a friend's house yesterday (Part 1) ;

There were chicken, meat, crabs, baby octopus and prawns (have to say ~ the "XXXL" sized prawns brought all the way from Sabah by a good friend  ;-))),

but again I was too hungry by the time they were grilled (as I didn't have breakfast or lunch) and I just managed to snap away some using my phone's camera :-)

I'd actually eaten too much of the grilled food that I couldn't eat steamboat food for me and definitely missed out on these ..

Will post another set of photos of yesterday's in my next entry....and will continue with my KK trip after that.



thomas said...

Wow!that's way too much good food.

Lina Gustina said...

Agree with Thomas; those are lots of yummy food :D

George said...

All of this food looks delicious. I know I would eat entirely too much, starting with the 'dim sum'. It's been years since I've had any, but I remember how good it is.


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