Friday, November 23, 2012

Cameron Highlands...finally!

Somehow Cameron Highlands always "eluded" me before, every time family members or friends went there I would missed out the treat...mmmmm...

So when deciding where to go last weekend, I suggested the place..hehehe..

First stop - the tea plantation :

We walked all the way down to the "waterfall" the middle of the wonder I fell ill when we came back from the trip

Stayed for a while for refreshments but I didn't have tea...hehehe.


[Update on my trip to Kuantan (posting here) : sad to say that my auntie passed away a week after..may she rest in peace..amiin.. Al-Fatihah]


  1. Waa...lovely photos n places. Jealous sangat2 sbb tak ade org ajak. He...he...

  2. mmg bila dh sampai geram nk turun ke bawah...dh best2 photoshoot tgk nak jalan naik atas yg paling best kak cheqna share ada air terjun tu...we never knew before!!

  3. Saya pegi juga cameron highland baru2 nih.. nanti la.. bila2 dah free saya update blog saya.. :P tapi tak banyak sangat pun gambar saya amik.. jeles cheqna ada banyak gambar strowberi..

  4. Nice shots,is that waterfall natural or man made?



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