Thursday, 8 November 2012

Short trip to Kuantan

We started quite late in making the journey yesterday, and this photos were taken along the highway :

It was already dark when we entered the district of Kuantan.

The journey was made because at the office during mid-morning yesterday I received a call from my sister in K.T, telling me that our auntie in Kuantan was not well. 

Took time to settle in arranging for the journey that only later in evening that we could leave. Called up my cousin for the update ~ he had already left for his mum's place the day before and he said that his mum was unconscious since Tuesday noon.

When we reached her house, my auntie didn't seem too good although according to her daughter she'd looked better after few bottles of drip.

Spent couple of hours there but by 9pm we had to make the move back to K.L as we estimated roughly 3 hours (but it took almost 4 or more hours before we reached home..traveling at night surely was challenging when we were very very tired)

Lots of love to my auntie and praying that she will get well soon.


roffe said...

Hope your auntie is well now..

Cheqna said...

Thank you Roffe..she has yet to recover but we hope she will soon.

thomas said...

Welcome to Kuantan,my home town,
hope she is already ok.


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