Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tioman Island ~ The journey began.

Morning of 14th. September 2012

Leaving the Subang Airport.

Bye mainland for a few days :-)

One of the small islands surrounding Tioman Island

Approaching the island, almost time to land.

Aerial view of "Kampung Tekek" at Tioman Island.

The Tioman Airport

Berjaya Airlines

We were here (3 from 11 of us)

About one hour later, we settled in at the chalets of Berjaya Resort, I love the surroundings.

And the ladies-only getaway weekend with my great girlfriends began.



noname said...

Tolong usya chalets yg menjimatkan! & give some clue when yr mission completed. (we plan going there end of this year, insyallah)

thomas said...

Looks quite haze over there,it will spoil my photography mood.


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