Monday, 3 September 2012

2nd day of Syawal : Change of menu

Every year we also ordered satay to serve on first few days of Syawal..and on top of that, my brother from Kajang would normally brought back some satay from his area.

(From last year's Eid album)

On second day, previously we would make "Laksa Penang" - northern style noodles with fish gravy :

(From last year's Eid album)

but this year my sisters and I decided to make "nasi tomato" (tomato flavoured rice) as it was much easier compared to making "Laksa" that would be time consuming (there were guests who came looking for "Laksa" thou..hehe..)

Naim and Batrisyia enjoying the food.

Later in the afternoon, we were treated to pizza to celebrate my elder brother's son who enrolled into local university a couple of months back.

This girl waited long time enough for everyone to be ready to eat..hehe..

Thank you very much Hakim for the treat...

We'll wait for his sister Sarah's next. haha...


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Thomas Lee said...

Sometimes it's good to have a change,i remember i cooked chicken in bamboo(ayam pansuh Sarawak) during one CNY.


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