Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update on my 5km run for fun - SCB 2012.

Luckily I'd already prepared all the evening before, woke up late to leave the house at 5.15am..thank you to my friend who made sure I did..hehe..

Went to a friend's house for fajr prayer before the 3 of us left for Tugu Negara where it was supposed to start.

Around 6.30 in the morning.. the marathon runners.

We checked out the starting line before...

...we went to have our breakfast ~ roti canai with teh tarik/coffee..after all our starting time was at 8.45am.. hahaha..

Then we waited..but of course we passed the time posing here and there ( DSLR) all by using handphones, and updated the status in Facebook accounts..hehe

3 of 12 from our Alumni..hehe

Almost time to start..and it was the TPM (Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia) who flagged us off.

Tracking my personal timing using the Apps in my handphone, I was happy to record walking/jogging time to the finished line :

Almost there, yeay....

Broke my own record ~ was surprised with the 8 minutes per km when during training it was normally 11 minutes per km!

Total distance for me from the starting to the finishing lines

Route map

I suppose that if I didn't stop along to way to capture some photos, I could have done better..hahaha...

Opposite Parliament Building

Reached this mark in 30 minutes :-)

@ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, my tracking Apps had already reached the 5km then, needed to reach the finishing line at Dataran Merdeka.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, opposite Dataran Merdeka...could see the finished line there, hehe....

But its ok with glad that my friends and I managed to do it..and from the responses that we received from our Alumni members (which hasn't stop yet!), many more are looking forward to next year's!

Yes, glad that that we did it!



thomas said...

wow!Congratulation for completing the run.

MumMe said...

congrate kak cheqna...i guess if it was me,i will just stop at jln TAR to feast eye!!!... :)

George said...

I know this is late, but congratulations on completing the run. You did very well, and I like the pictures you took along the way.

roffe said...

yeah..congratulation..I never take photos when running.

MIDONZ said...

agak lama tak join benda2 ni sejak dok pahang.. sedihnya..

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

bestnya.....semangat sungguh cheqna hehehe

Bie blm pernah try wat mcmnie.kalo try mmg xlarat :P


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