Monday, 28 May 2012

What I need now..

So cute..found it @ FB

Before 9pm and I'm already feeling tired after the bowling practice with friends (today's scores were like yo-yo ~ up and down..hehe)....but I long for a cup of coffee...thou don't think if I should, in case I'd find it hard to go to sleep later...

Highest score that I managed today ~ 143, the rest (played 6 games!) between 103 to 129

Mmmmm...on second thought...I'll just post this short entry. Not going to deprive myself on coffee and will have one after all!



belogkiter said...

saya pun suka coffee

mohdhazlan Dreadlock said...

i need to sleep ...hmmm

Cikgu Bada said...

i also liked coffee

thomas said...

you need a rest,not coffee.


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