Thursday, 24 May 2012

My albums

[...for the photos, not of the singing or music kind, I can't sing..hehehe.]

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My mother has been saying few times that she wants to see the photos that we'd taken. For many years now we haven't bothered to send them for printing, rather we keep the copies in the computer/hard disk, CDs, pen drives etc.

Previous weekend whilst at "kampung", I took out some old albums from the store room. Had a good chuckled now and then seeing all the old photos of our family..and I showed them to my mum.

From Mr. Google

Seeing how happy she was in looking through some albums, I promised myself that I would try to print some ~ nowadays there are lots to choose from due to my current craze...haha. Well... at least I'd print the photos that involved the family especially during the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

Anyway..since I came back I've done some printing myself..starting with the photos of my recent trip.

Had a good laugh reminiscing while printing far have printed about 120 photos..haha..and have yet to finish as I'm still waiting for some other photos that my friends have before I can arrange them in the album.

Doing this current project reminds me of another set of photos that I have yet to slot into the album. The trip was in 2007, printed a year later but forgot to do anything further..haha..I'm sure my sister who went with me and some other friends of ours would like to see it too.



George said...

I haven't printed a picture in a couple of years now. I probably should print some out for the members of my family that don't have computers.

ckpah said...

Even the 3rd generations had a good laugh over their younger years Chegna (photos posted in fb). The printed pictures could bring back good and sad memories it seems. Have fun in printing and compiling them Cheqna.

thomas said...

It's good to have a media for the older generation to see or photos,maybe a LCD display would be better.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Oh yes! How about that "recent" trip of yours? Ce citer! purrr...meow!


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