Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Body ache.."

That's what I got after my first day of training for the marathon..haha..

Did some warming-up first :

After about 45 minutes of warm-ups and walking around some areas, I decided to try jogging and chose this stretch to run to and fro...

and I lasted about 7 minutes and 50 meters before I was gasping for breath...hahaha..how unfit I was!

One of the "joggers' " lanes...where I came across one elderly man who looked fit and ran fast...and smiling at the same time! :-D

I didn't continuously did the exercises as I took time to take few photos of the surroundings using my hand phone as well....

Hope that on my next attempt I'd be able to run further than today...AND hopefully would shed some kgs as my mother said the other day that I'd gained weight (lots of it!)...hehehe.



i amsterdam said...

Cantiknya kawasan ni... dimana ni?

At least you can still run!! You just need some exercise!! Somehow my knees hurt when I run, but I do not have problems with walking, I wonder why???

Cheqna said...

At Taman Metropolitan Kepong..even though nearby I'd only recently found out that its much nicer than what I thought.

Yup I do need lots of exercise..haha..

Walking especially when doing the tourist thing is always not a problem for us..throw in few shopping opportunities then its on..hehe..


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness, Why do mothers have to be so darn honest???????? ha ha .... I'll bet that you look GREAT!!!!! BUT--keeping fit is important... I try to walk everyday --but my knees won't allow any running or jogging. I'll leave that up to you!!!!!!

Great set of pictures.... Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog post today!!!!

George said...

I for one am glad you took time from your training to take pictures. I know it is hard to get stated, but I am glad you are warming up before you start running. Keep up the good work.

roffe said...

You want to run marathon, 42 km??. Have a great exercise. I run or walk around 15 km every week. Thats long enough..

Al-Manar said...

Come and climb one of my coconut trees up to the very top. Do it every day and you will go slim from top to bottom in no time! I will chharge you a small fee each time.

absolutely emy said...

Bagusnya.. dah start praktis untuk marathon.. goodluck!! anyway first try memang selalunya senakk.. berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri.. hahaha..

psstt cheqna.. dulu masa nak panjat gunung kinabalu.. saya pun senak perut dan susah nak bernafas, siap nak pitam lagi.. itu baru 200meter je mendaki(hehehe kelakar).. sebabnya terikut tempo kawan yang lebih fit dan sebab saya perasan saya fit jugak (hehehe)..

sudahnya saya daki ikut tempo sendiri sambil2 amik gambar.. berehat pun kejap2 dan tak lebih dari 5 minit.. sebab guide kitaorang marah.. katanya kalau berehat lama2 badan akan lebih cepat penat..

apa2 pun yang penting minda kena sentiasa positif untuk tamatkan setiap perlumbaan.. biar lambat/tak menang asal tamat..

i amsterdam said...

Ohh.. kami selalu pergi dulu, main layang2 masa Ilham kecik, baru ni balik pun pergi. Rasanya ada 2 layang2 Ilham atas pokok2 tu, terkejar2 DH bila layang2 tu terbang hahaha. Tak cam tempatnya, tapi hati terdetik mungkin tempat ni :D

Cat-from-Sydney said...

My Mama was asking if you need an official photographer for your marathon preparation? purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

tell your mum ~ "Come on down, the more the merrier"..anyway I couldn't run with the heavy camera can I?..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


thank u very much..insyaAllah will try to finish it within the "4 hours" that I'd stated..hehehe..bukan nak menang pun..just to motivate me buat exercise :-D

U panjat G.Kinabalu? I salute..bab-bab tu memang I tak boleh nak join, angkat tangan awal-awal..


Cheqna said...

When you all balik sini nanti you know where to go petang2 or hari minggu..and may be I'll join you flying kites..suka tengok orang main...and yes, ada few tersangkut...I saw one guy tried to take his down today but it still got stuck up there on the tree..pity him.

Cheqna said...

Hi Betsy,

hehehe...I used to exercise more before (or be on diet) whenever my hometown trips were due, back when the gaps between the trips were few months..but nowdays its almost every month that I pop up at mum's that i don't have time to "control"..haha.

but its okay..its one of her ways of loving me..and I normally laugh it off anyway.

Thanks for dropping by and leave your mark here.


Cheqna said...

Hi George,

I think I prefer the photography sessions more :-D.

and thank you..hope I have a strong will to run..hehe


Cheqna said...

errr...I shouldn't have said "marathon"..that's the event organised by an established bank.

but I'm "running for a cause"..registered for a 5-km run only..and so far I've yet to run 100 metres..haha..

Cheqna said...

Pak Cik,

Thank you for the offer...can I charge you for every coconuts that I pluck?..hehe..



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