Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Outcome of being to the market...

[Note : Food entry again..hehe]

This time round of "holidaying" in K.T, I'd gone to the market more times than usual..for Terengganu "kueh-mueh" (delicacies) mostly.....and on one of the trips, went to "survey" the wet market and tempted on seeing the so-fresh seafood, I ended buying some.. :-D.

This afternoon, I was running quite late in preparing lunch before leaving for K.L. Then Batrisyia came and asked if she could help me ~ she offered to cut the veggies..so sweet of her.

Whilst making one fish dish, I suddenly felt like eating fish fried in batter..and with the help of my niece, who gathered the ingredients that I asked for and did the mixing of the batter...,

Here's the result :

Thumbs-up to her indeed :-)

Thank you very much "cik manis" :-)

My little helper, soon to be 8-years old Batrisyia (and btw, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes to her in the previous entry..appreciate the thought)

Thumbs-up from "Wan" as well after I'd given her the credit. :-)

Notice little fingers up there?..hehe

Brought back some of that to K.L along with the other dish that I made :

Fried Siakap (sea bass?) in soy sauce

Back in K.L and had that for dinner few hours ago, luckily mum insisted that I brought back some cooked rice as well, if not I'd have to be in the kitchen again..hehe.



Wan Sharif said...

Makan ikan celup teppung.. Ah.. Have to ask my better half to make some soon ;)

Cheqna said...

Ayoh Wang,

with the fresher fish, it was simply delicious...enjoy yours..if "nok jepuk" tetamu buleh gok..hehe..

I second your speculation that someone seriously need to be on diet after the KT trip..hahaha..


i amsterdam said...

Ikang celup teppung tu looks very fresh and yummy..

mama pipie said...

mak aii.. ensemnye ikan tu.. rasa cam nak ngap plak

thomas said...

cerita makan saja,terasa lapar pula.

eLL said...



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