Monday, 9 April 2012

Not taking for granted...

This morning when my boss said that his mother-in-law has been hospitalised due to (suspected) stroke and he further described her "behaviour" and symptoms since last night, it took me back to the time when my sister was admitted to the hospital middle of last year, her more than three weeks in hospital with half of the time in coma...,

and the memory brought back the sadness then that I'd kept deep inside..I'm so thankful that I'd been given the strength, mentally and physically to face it during that testing period..and the love and cares from mum especially, family and good friends were great help.

Alhamdulillah our dearest sister has recover, the two hospital appointments last weekend that I took her to when I was in KT and another one that she had yesterday verified that she is almost back to her normal self ~ although she has not dare to drive yet...hehe..

"Dearest sis...if by chance you are reading this entry [note : I've bookmarked my blog site at her new tablet :-) ]..this is not meant to make you sad...I'm just so thankful and grateful to the Al-Mighty that we all can still be together, Alhamdulillah..may our family bond be stronger, and mostly, our Iman (beliefs) strengthen because of the tests...amiin"

We all love you so much, please stay happy and healthy (don't forget to take the medication ok, even if you have to pound it first..hehe..)

Like Balqees always says,

"C.P.. ku sayang!"

Imagining how Balqees says that make my teary eyes dry...,

and I'm smiling again.



ckpah said...

Hope your boss and family be given the strenght to get through this part of life. Sis, mum, friends and all, thank you from deep inside me for the 'doa' that had helped me through the test. Alhamdulillah and syukur for the 2nd chance given to me in my remaining phase of life. May the Al-Mighty helps us all. TQ so very much again Cheqna.

Lina Gustina said...

Glad to know that your sister can fully recover.
Hope your Boss's MIL can recover as well.

Cheqna said... read this..and it got me into tears again..hehehe...

amiin to all the du'as.. Love you!


Cheqna said...

Lina..Alhamdulillah for my sister's current status..hope she'll be in better condition than before.

TQ on my boss's MIL ~ still in the same condition though he said there was slight improvement.

eLL said...

Hope your Boss's MIL can recover as well. It also remind me when my father admitted for bypass operation. Alhamdulillah after 6 years my father still with us.


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