Thursday, April 12, 2012

No haste.

I've been getting tips on how to play bowling ever since I started..but its only recently that I tried to "utilise" the tips..from the correct posture of my body, control of my hand when throwing the ball, position on the lane, etc etc....(but I still don't know how to walk properly or cross my legs nicely like those professionals, what more the slide at the end.....I just walk few small steps, bend a bit and throw..haha.)

This was definitely NOT me..hehe..

Anyway, the latest tip that I got was to take the time, "have patience" before throwing the ball....and so I tried that and scored 144  ~  well worked. [for someone who last year was only able to score around 70s to 80s, that surely made me happy with all the tips :-D ]

But on the second game I was distracted by this cute little girl of about 4 or 5 years old, who was trying to learn how to throw the ball..kept on watching her that I lost my concentration....hehehe..

She didn't give up easily :-)

On the third game I was back on track and scored 131..,

...but nobody has to worry...last week my scores were on average of 80s..I tend to lose my nerves when I played with friends esp. the captain.. (excuses, excuses ~ grinning)

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  1. I never did learn to bowl very well, but it sounds as if you are a good student -- as long as there is no one interesting in the next lane.

  2. perfectly the last thought kak cheqna...

  3. hehe Bie mmg takleh main bowling asik longkang je sasaran yg kena



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