Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Exchanged of gifts.

For this reunion, we had stick to our tradition of exchanging gifts..simple ones..and this time the committees decided the values between RM20 to RM30 should be okay enough.

Didn't have time to do the shopping as it was a short notice..but this was what I bought.

We each drew the names out of a bag...and hope the friend who got my gift like mine :

I received this in return, a lovely Kashmir shawl that my friend bought whilst she was in Saudi Arabia last year.

She happened to be my room mate during this reunion...hehehe

And as usual, we got door gifts too :-)

"Telekung", a mug, lipstick and a plaque

The words written on the plaque :


Friend I still remember
Pranks planned and
played together

Challenges met and
overcome together

Friend I still remember
Secrets shared and kept
promises fulfilled, hopes instilled
and dreams fondly built

Our friendship is forever.



George said...

I think the plaque was perfect for your reunion.

Cheqna said...

Hi George,

I was touched when I read it, so it was indeed a perfect one for our reunion.



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