Saturday, 21 April 2012

Better medicine.

Due to lack of sleep and proper rest, I wasn't feeling very well yesterday. Had headache since mid-morning.

Luckily I was not too busy at the office so I spent some time online with friends at FB..the chuckles and laughter when reading and interacting with friends helped to ease the pain.

For someone who doesn't like to take medicine or even supplement unless it really is necessary, I guess its true that laughter is a better option :-)

Expecting lots of that during our reunion. Will be going later than originally planned as I'm waiting for another friend who has a last minute slot for an appointment with her dentist.

And with one other friend, we'll be making our way around noon insyaAllah...(but we'll ask the committee to "tapau" (pack) our lunches for us...not going to miss the "chicken rice"..hehe..)

In the meantime, I've already prepared some food for our journey : 



roffe said...

We have lot of fun at the office every day. I hope your headache is gone now..

i amsterdam said...

Mana sah "travel" kalau tak bawa makanan lol..

Cheqna said...

Thanks Roffe, need to look after myself better.


Cheqna said...

LOL, that's what my friends said, typically me!



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