Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yellow theme.

Was at the Putrajaya "Hot-Air Balloons Fiesta" earlier today, but haven't finished with editing the photos. Got headache after standing in the hot sun with lack of water ~ not because that the stalls selling drinks were out of them, I myself forgot to drink..hehehe..

Better now, Alhamdulillah.


These were taken on one Saturday,
At the Birds' Park but its okay,
Saw this and couldn't stay away.

Of this flower on show,
All that I know,
The colour is yellow.

Part of the beauty of our nature,
Though true beauty is impossible to capture.

Thankful for the senses that have been given,
I could appreciate the gifts from heaven.


Wishing all a pleasant Saturday.



A Mom said...

so lovely flowers!

misyamissyou said...

orkid! huhuu tgu gmbar belon panas tu ni sis! :D

Wan Sharif said...

See that you have enjoyed yourselves too much.. So much so that you forgot to drink.. Whatever.. Glad you are getting better.

thomas said...

lovely yellow,must be fun watching the hot air balloons.

Rad Sujanto said...

Oh you wrote a poetry :p

I think I saw such a flower around here... looks like an orchid (we'd call it the scorpion orchid)

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

hehe pasnie jangan lupa lagi



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