Saturday, 24 March 2012

K.L Bonsai and Orchid Show 2012

Planned to stay in during this weekend and rest, but the lure of flowers drew me to the show.. :-D

The Kuala Lumpur Bonsai and Orchid Show 2012 has started on the 23rd March and will end on the 27th.

It had been officiated much earlier today by HRH Permaisuri Agong..

Saw this and I thought of a movie : Kung Fu Panda , hehehe..

Will share some more of the photos taken of bonsai on show at later date, InsyaAllah.

For the orchid show, I really had a good time there..didn't know there were so many types of orchids. Love it!

Here's some :

So if you are in KL and have time to spare, do give this show a visit, worth it.

Bought some for my mother and sisters, which will be personally delivered soon..hehe..



thomas said...

beautiful orchid here,once upon a time i used to plant bonsai bougianvillea with many colors.

George said...

I found the bonsai you photographed to be very fascinating, but I really like those beautiful orchids. You got some marvelous pictures of some very unique and colorful orchids.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what an incredible show. Glad you went and took pictures to share with us. I love the Bonsai trees ---but what really caught my attention are the orchids. They are AWESOME... Thanks!!!

Wan Sharif said...

Magnifique orkids! ;)

eden said...

Wow.. beautiful photos. The orchids are so beautiful.

i amsterdam said...

I love both. Always wonder how they trim and cut the tree until it becomes a lovely piece of bonsai.

As for orchids, they only flower once - when I first bought it, then it slowly wilted and dried up, somehow I always manage to over water it **sigh**

Admin said...

nice food sob

am am am

Visit today,,,,please visit back


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