Monday, 12 March 2012

Flamingos and Parrots

The Flamingos

and The Parrots..

@ The Birds' Park, KL ~ 3rd. March 2012


[p/s ~ Ayoh Wang..."now in Tourism Malaysia"...hehe..]


i amsterdam said...

We have live ones coming in the garden at certain times of the year (the green ones and the blue,yellow red one)

So beautiful, have few photos of them, but not very clear coz not DSLR :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love both parrots and flamingos.... Both are gorgeous birds. And the setting is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

We are home from our 2nd trip is a month--and both of us have colds.. Yuk! Guess it will be REST for this upcoming week for both of us.


ツ Bieaz ツ said...

comelnya boleh rambang mata duk ambik gambar parrots ngan flamingos


Ckin Kembaq said...

i like parrot..sebab bleh bckapa..hehe

Cheqna said...

I.A dear..time to invest in DSLR..n before u come back lah, then boleh ambik photos kat sana bnyk2 :-)

Cheqna said...


may you both recover fully soon and enjoy the rest before your next trip.


Cheqna said...

Bie, sebab panas that day tak de lah nak stay and berambang mata at satu2 tempat lama2..hehe


Cheqna said...


haaa..sampai tersasul "bckapa"..sebab nak bercakap dgn parrots..hehe


Wan Sharif said...

Ha macamtulah.. Sesekali. Promote our bolehland..

Cheqna said...

Ayoh Wang,

Anytime boleh buat promotion :-D

Treatntrick treatntrick said...

Beautiful photos, can't get my eyes off from the snap!

Cheqna said...


you are so kind, thank you.



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