Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Short break from traveling :-)

Parting is such a sweet sorrow,
And its not about Juliet or Romeo,
We'll be apart by tomorrow,
I'll be missing you, I know.

The house feels slightly emptier after few hours of "spring cleaning" that was done after work today...

and I went through my favourite collections :

A gift from my sister who went to Melaka many years before

Purposely bought the coffee to get these...hehe

Collection from Beijing

A gift set from Korea given by a friend..I haven't been there.

However by tomorrow, some of that plus some other items that have been stored many years will be given away...for a friend's good cause.


Update & appeal : from my email box, received the news of a boy who needs our prayers and help

Taken from the blog, hope this boy's family will not mind.

(please read blog entry here : http://www.mazidulakmal.com/2012/02/faris-selepas-kimoterapi-ke-4-bil.html)


Wan Sharif said...

How nice!... For a good causel

Cheqna said...

Ayoh Wang,

just a little bit of help for youknowho :-)

KakAsma said...

cheqna,i like yng dari korea tu..look cute....kena bubuh dalam lemari kaca nih..baru cun!!!

Cheqna said...


keluar n masuk semula dlm almari..yg itu so far sayang lagi nak give away..hehe


Rad Sujanto said...

Oh! I am looking for a pencil holder on my desk and I've been thinking of a tall glass or mug that is white! Oh, we have the nescafe mug too here. I'm sure i've seen those.

I pray for the kid to be healthier

Cheqna said...


don't buy the holder, just kidnap one from your mum's kitchen..hehe


lina@women said...

Prayers for the boy.

Great collection :)

thomas said...

You will soon need a cupboard for your collections.

Cheqna said...


Thank you, on both.


Cheqna said...


That were part of the collections taken out from the cabinet..hehe


i amsterdam said...

All for a good cause :D

Semuga adik Faris cepat sembuh


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