Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guilty : from my kitchen

...and I should slightly blame my dear friend in Holland for posting her "chef" 's activities in the kitchen ;-D...

mmm..she has been making delicious looking bread lately..but as I don't have the breadmaker (yet!)..and I don't feel like kneading, I guess I should turn to making cakes, much easier..hehe..

Last night I didn't feel like making butter cake or wholly cheese cake. Tried finding the recipe that combine the two :-) but couldn't find any, so late last night I just put on my baker's hat and "invented" one..haha..

As usual, no exact recipe, just a rough estimation of creamy cheese, whipping cream, 2 eggs, a dash of lemon juice, melted butter and premix butter cake flour.

Baked in the oven at 180C for about 25 mins (I used water bath method to make it moist) and...


3 out of 16!

Checked one and it looked okay...

Tested (and tasted) one...mmm..quite yummy if I may say so :-D

My second one...ha ha ha...

Oh well..what can I say...who's counting???



  1. Back to masak2 again...beli breadmaker jgn tak beli hehe..
    Cake tu nampak really sedap..okay!
    2 je you makan! sikitnya..Kalau I tak cukup tu..10 biji I bole abeskan skali makan hehe...

  2. kalau buat roti ui sendiri mesti rasa pueh ati taw..nak2 jadinyer cantik n gebu..believe me.try once n takmo pk pasal nak beli BM..
    but the cake look yummy dear!!

  3. Oh, boy the cakes look soooo yummy! Could you please pass one over here please. :)

  4. Hmmm creamy cheese cake! I'm craving for something cheesy now :D

  5. alamak.. alamak.. alamak... cam sedap jer.. nampak lemak berkrim.. yummiezz.. pandai cheqna mereka2 buat kek.. saya tak reti buat kek.. kisahnyer.. hehehe..

  6. TK,

    2 aje cos dah tengah malam masa tu..hehe, now dah habis semua..but of course I shared it :-D

  7. KakAsma,

    takut orangnya pun naik sama gebu..haha..


  8. JP,

    If only you were nearby then..:-D

  9. I.A dear,

    Still remember when my sister and I loved to have the toasted bread with cheese at your home..came back with few packets of the cheese, and I gained lots of kgs within weeks..haha..


  10. Emy,

    syhh..sebenarnya I actually am a bit "lazy" to really follow any recipe, tak berapa rajin nak sukat betul2..that's why selalu modify and agak2..n then hope for it to turn ok..

    and my family dah tau that bila tanya macam mana buat apa2..its cheqna's..haha.


  11. modify and turn ok takper.. yang penting sedap.. semua orang suka.. kan3x..



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