Sunday, 12 February 2012

Goodwill visit

With two other friends and a daugther of one of them, we made our way to Seremban to visit our former teacher yesterday.

Didn't want to burden her, so we brought some food ~ some homemade and some were bought.

She bought the drinks and fruit :

A lot eh for only the 5 of us?..hehehe...oh..I'd forgotten to take the picture of Arab rice that my good friend had prepared :-D

We had a pleasant time visiting her, chatting over our old school, our antics and listening to her side of the stories, as a teacher and warden of the school ~ she said her hair turned white after few years of looking after the students..(but not during our time..haha)

Anyway, when its time to leave we packed the leftovers...some we packed for her later consumption and some we brought back.

She's retired now, but we know her as a very dedicated teacher till her retirement day and beyond ~ she still helps the teachers of the school..We pray for her happiness and good health..and may she be blessed always..amiin.

We are planning another trip, to visit another former teacher of ours, another favourite of ours..insyaAllah soon, nearer this time.

To all teacher/ex-teachers ~ thank you for your dedications..may your deeds be rewarded, now and for hereafter.



Hati Curio said...

25 km lagi boleh terserempak dgn hati curio :)

lina@happy family said...

I haven't yet visited my previous teachers for along time...
Salute to you and friends!

Nana said...

Salam Cheqna,

I certainly wouldn't mind a goodwill visit from you! So much food! :)
It is heartwarming to hear your story. We don't get many young people appreciating teachers like you guys do. Very nice of you! :)

TK said...

Bagusnya you..igt kat cikgu you. Here in KT the students really appreciate the teachers. We have our ex students visiting us almost everyday.
Waktu cuti2 memang penuh staffrooms.They would bring food of course or they would call me and asked if I nak makan apa2. When I was teaching in other states takde mcm kat sini tau..
Suka ngaja kat sini..Friends pun caring..

i amsterdam said...

Bertuah cikgu yg ada anak2 murid macam ni dan bertuah anak murid dpt cikgu mcm ni. Is it the same teacher u visited last year??

Agreed with Nana, don't mind a goodwill visit from u & friends (and the food) :D

The pastry must be yours.. and look at the jelly swimming in "susu cair"!!!

Cheqna said...


May be next time we can be invited to your family's place?..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


Its the least we could do, gave a little bit of our time after what she had given us :-)

Cheqna said...


We could certainly come over, pot luck at your place? hehehe..


Cheqna said...


So very glad for you to have students like that, the appreciative kinds..Compared to what your students do for you all, ours is just a small drop.

Enjoy the teaching!


Cheqna said...


you know me and that pastry..the jelly as well, short cut version of pudding, didn't have time to make it myself the night before..haha..

We'll wait for you to come back and get together eh?



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