Saturday, 18 February 2012

By Hand - from The Hague

This morning just after we passed by KL Central, I received a phone call from an unknown number..first one went unanswered as I was driving but when a second one followed a few minutes later, thought I'd better answer it,

...oh, it was a phone call that I'd been expecting for the past two days.

Few nights ago whilst I was updating my entries of our trip to the Netherlands, I received text message from my dear friend, I.A, who said she was sending me something through her husband who would be back to Malaysia for a few days..

Collected from her husband at Sogo this evening after we came back from Shah Alam, these are the "things" sent...

I love this coffee, now I don't have to ration the supply that I currently have..  :-D

Hope my diet will not suffer with this "gouda"an..hehehe..

cheqna, behind the mask???

She had given me a few other things during our visit and during her previous visits home..I'm touched by her thoughtfulness.

Beautiful tea set

Delft Blue product, I believe?

Thank you very very much for everything dearest friend..may you and family be blessed always..amiin. :-)

[p/s ~ I'm sorry I.A, I really didn't send you any supplies as you said you didn't need it as you'd be coming back for good in a few months time)

@ Shah Alam...

Actually we were on our way i-City, or at least to take a look around the area as it was still in the morning..but it was raining when we reached the area, so I managed only to snap just few photos...we'll go there again one day, during the night better..insyaAllah.

We stopped over for a while at Shah Alam mosque ~ Sultan Salahuddin Addul Aziz Shah Mosque.



Rad Sujanto said...

ooh I wish I was friends with her! Ahahahah :p

Oh, what is that blue thing? so many mouths for a tea kettle...

And, is the yellow thing butter? ;)) what is that?

Jolly Princess said...

Love that tea set! Could you make me a cup of that coffee, too? Enjoy your travel. It must be cold in there as this time of the year. :)

Hati Curio said...

tea set & mask tu cantiklah :)

roffe said...

Gauda cheese is very popular in Norway..

Cheqna said...


The blue item i think is a vase/flower holders, where as the yellow "thing" is Gouda cheese :-D

Cheqna said...


the tea set is too lovely for me to use, so far it remains in the cabinet..

coffee? no problem, come over and I serve you one :-D

Cheqna said...

Hati Curio,

Cantik hati orang yang memberinya kepada saya :-)

Cheqna said...


Is it? I've yet to taste the one that my friend sent me..normally I eat cheddar/mozzarella :-)

absolutely emy said...

suker bekas banyak lubang kaler biru.. baiknyer kawan cheqna.. :)

thomas said...

Wow! So much goodies from afar and nice shots of SA Mosque.

Cheqna said...


She is, has been since I first met her and we just clicked.

Alhamdulillah to have good friends like her, through thick and thin.


Cheqna said...


That were just some.. :-D

and thank you..we stopped at the mosque after the rain so my friend said the view should be better...and that we were like UITM students doing a project..hehe..


TK said...

I-city- u have to come at night!! Best!
I've been there once je wpun near my mother's house.

Cheqna said...


We plan to, for now masih ada some more additions (ada constructions) so not so soon lah kot :-)

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

comel tea set....mask pon comel!:)

nnti boleh cheqna snap i-city belah malam pulak hehe

i amsterdam said...

The cheese looks funny, rasanya dah melt sikit, is it still ok?

Alhamdulillah siapa yg minum kopi tu mesti suka. CM bawa balik 5 botol baru2 ni.. Now boleh letak banyak2.

Mask tu dari Venice..

Cheqna said...


That's the plan tp tunggu ada sikit lagi development kat situ siap, insyaAllah if ada rezeki sampailah kami :-D

Cheqna said...


5? banyaknya..hehe..n the cheese still okay, jadi cam tu cos I guess CM mmg tak tau what you'd given me so he took the package for me all over since morning dia keluar till we met petang tu at sogo :-D


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