Friday, January 20, 2012

Next stop : Butterfly Park

I like this..hehe..

There are places that I yearn to "re-visit" from time to time..but for now I go to places that I haven't been for quite a while or places that I'd never visited before.

And so the next place that was visited recently was the "Butterfly Park".. there were so many and with them kept flying away, its hard to capture them on camera, needed to have lots of patience (which I didn't have then..haha..).

This one kept flipping on the flowers but didn't fly away, at least enough time for me to focus :-D

Saw this on a boy's finger and asked him to stay still..hehe..

This one was seen on the wall on the out :



  1. i remember we use ammonia in urine to attract butterflies by the river side for a shot.

  2. Awsome pictures, ni dah boleh jadi pro !!! :D

  3. Amboi amboi Cheqna....berjalan aje ye? Eh...I wonder if butterflies taste birds??? purrr....meow!

  4. wowwww...nice! nice!

    dah bule dah jdi photography terbaek.

    tu naseb baek kat boy's finger kalau kat muka budak tu mahunya tak gerak hahaha.

  5. Thomas,

    ..ohh..and I thot I could just "talk and persuade" them to pose for me...hahaha...

    well I did that!


  6. I.A,

    hehehe..long way to go but thank you dear for the compliment! :-)))

  7. Lina,

    thank you my friend..and I should thank my "models" too..hehehe..


  8. Cats!!!,

    *shooh* *shooh*...I'm watching you!


  9. Bie,

    tq sis..itupun nasib baik dia nak biarkan tangannya menjadi model ku juga, free of charge!..hehe




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