Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day trip to Malacca City.

Went to Malacca city (again :-D), a day trip instead of an overnight one due to cancellation of booking at the last minute by the owner of one homestay at Kampung Morten.

When I saw this, it reminded me of my good friend in Netherlands..(and the entries I have yet to finish on the trip..hehe..)

After a bowl of yummy cendol (I love it!)...,

..we went to Jonker Street (finally managed to go to the area after many times in the city!), but due to the CNY celebration, most shops were closed.

The "Dragon", in conjunction with the Chinese New Year

Then we went for the cruise along the Malacca River, RM10 for a 45-minutes ride was worth it!

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese friends and visitors, have a prosperous year ahead!



  1. Bila nak post cerita Holland ni :D

  2. I.A dear,

    rambang mata to choose from lots of photos taken..hehehe..


  3. Very interesting city. The river is clean!

  4. The cruise will be much nicer if the water is not stagnant and smelly.

  5. bestnya pi cruise...nice pics.

    stay kat homestay smlm brapa $?

  6. Lina,

    Come over and visit us here :-)

  7. Thomas,

    I thot it was ok that day, didn't smell anything bad and there was cruise "traffic" congestion.. we even saw a big lizard that a friend said was named "ringgo john paul" (n i asked if he meant the beatles ..haha..)

    I had better luck then..hehe..


  8. Bie,

    My friend yang buat booking hari tu..but if refer website homestay, lebihkurang rm300 satu rumah..kampung tu nampak macam best je areanya.




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