Friday, December 30, 2011

Resting @ KT...

I almost missed the flight yesterday, but Alhamdulillah am now safely in the family's nest..hehe..

By today I've recovered mostly, but still coughing..but as promised we went for hi-tea at mum's favourite place. This once in a while family's special day out was :

1 - For my bro-in law's birthday that fell on the 25th,

2 - Nazeem, for getting a good result recently,

3 - and especially for my dearest sister...we'd said that once she recovered from the illness that she suffered few months back, we would have the hi-tea...she's now almost back to normal, even the doctors who treated her were surprised...Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, the photos for our day out :

My first menu ~ "rojak mee" (salad)

Cold salad

Special ABC for my mum from the chef, who said she reminded him of his own mum :-)

Batrisyia said "masterchef" and took this photo before I could eat it..hehe

Batrisyia took this...

...and this :-)

Had to finish this "roti jala" as the rest had stopped..I was busy attending to mum...and taking pictures...

..and jesting with the kids.. hehe..

My 7 years old niece who took some of the photos here :-)

Balqees, another budding photographer :-)

And tonight whilst watching the final of "Maharaja Lawak Mega", we had this that I'd made earlier...

Cheesecake ~ I seriously need to start dieting again..ha ha..

Anyway, we enjoyed the final..congrats to "Osbon"...and we liked "Boboi" too (their "Datin Maimun" sketch was quite hillarious!) ~ they were both entertaining and deserved the win.



  1. Sedapnya cheesecake, makan dulu Cheqna abaikan diet tu. Teringinnye kena pi pekena kat 'secret recipe' lah kot ni.

  2. nampak abc tu teringat zaman aku sek menengah kat muar, cam sama hehe

  3. Wow! The food looks so nice but for me i am just dying for the outside food,hah!hah!nasi dagang and some keropok losong will do.

  4. Cheqno,

    dah sampai secret recipe?..hehe :-)

  5. Empayarutama,

    sama tak serupa..hehe :-)

  6. Thomas,

    if you come over around this few days i can treat you to both ns dagang and keropok losong :-)

  7. Hey, Happy New Year to you and everyone in your family! :D I hope you all will be happier :D

    Btw, the salads look cute ... literally hehe

    And, I enjoy roti jala! :D

  8. meriahnya....
    rojak salad nampak sedap je hehe

  9. Mm nampak mengancam hidangan yang ada.. Duane tu?

  10. Gambarcphotographer takde mana? Kat Primula ke tu?



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