Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Melaka (Part 2) : Umbai

Later that evening after the kids' pool stint (here), we went to Umbai Melaka, the famous seafood eatery place, roughly 15km from the apartment where we stayed.

They ordered quite a few dishes but I only managed to take these pictures before I was busy digging into them and forgot to take photos of the rest that came later..hehehe..

"Nasi lemak"

Sweet sour fish

Deep fried squid/calamari

Aiman must be hungry after the swim..hehe..

We happily left the place with our stomach full..hehe.

Alia and her milk bottle



TK said...

Bestnya seafood!Cantik gambar sunset! Lama sgt I dah tak pegi Melaka tau. Rasanya last time melawat tempat2 bersejarah kat Melaka tu masa zaman sekolah dulu!

Cheqno said...

dah N3 melaka part 2, teringat ikan bakar pantai klebang dah xde kot pantai tu ye! Take care especially masa mandi laut.

absolutely emy said...

Meriahnyer.. pictures is worth a thousand words.. heppy holiday..

thomas said...

Nice new place,something new compared to the old place i have been to long ago.

Cheqna said...


I recently came across the photo of my "zaman toya-toya" when my classmates and I went to Melaka.


Cheqna said...


I didn't even swim in the pool..and more importantly I don't know how to swim..hehe..


Cheqna said...


I'm still excited about my new DSLR, and excited about sharing my "work"..hehe..


Cheqna said...


I was told that the old place that I'd been once still exist but we couldn't locate it.. :-)


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