Friday, 18 November 2011

Bali Diving

A good friend sent this amazing video to our e-group mailbox yesterday and she made the remark about me taking up the scuba diving lessons after watching it..hehe..

I've always been fascinated with the photos that she herself has taken during her many diving activities, so no wonder I love watching this too :

Youtube : Bubble Vision (here)
(Scuba diving in Bali, Indonesia, in September 2007 with AquaMarine Diving.)

I replied to her remark :

Thank you for sharing,
Truly really fascinating,
But alas its not my thing,
To go and join you in diving,
As I'm scared of swimming
What more with those fishes circling
With prawns, crabs and squids peeping!

and she came back with this :

Oh dont you worry na,
Diving wont cause any trauma,
Its only water
"Jom lah ketawa!"
(= let us laugh)

To which I posted this to the mail box :

Hahaha, joining u ayu
Tapi tak boleh kuat-kuat, nanti malu
(= but not too loud, I'm shy)
My not so red lips now smiling,
Thou tadi(= just now) I was grinning

And I love her response today:

Trevally, tuna, jacks but no cod
Be scared of these fishes not
They are mostly destined for the pot
So erase any fear from your thoughts!

I had a less stressful day,
In answering tax queries that came our way.




thomas said...

Diving is a nice hobby
but i will prefer land activities.

Cheqna said...


Give me "gentle" activities, I'll join..but may be if there's something like PLKN to toughen me I would join..hehehe..


absolutely emy said...

nice rhymes.. hahaha.. macam balas2 pantun pun ada..

memang ada jenis orang yang fobia dengan air.. saya cuma fobia menyelam dengan tong gas.. hehehe..

Valter said...

Thank you very much dear Cheqna for your visit, happy new week with successes. Hugs Valter.

Bie said...

bole tengok je diving nie sbb Bie tak berani nak diving2 nie
seram satu badan terus.....

dah mcm fobia air sangat2..

lina@happy family said...

Amazing life under the sea.
Diving isn't for me...I'm not a good swimmer :)

Cheqna said...


at least you okay with the selam menyelam without the tong gas,

...i sulam menyulam okay lah if orang bagi cuba buat..hehehe


Cheqna said...


and thank you for your visit and wish.


Cheqna said...


same goes with me, suka je tengok videos and pictures but main2 air tak lah..hehe


Cheqna said...


I can't swim, tried once few years back and I almost got drown, thou my friend said the swimming pool was not that deep...hehe..



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