Friday, 19 August 2011

19th day..

How time flies..into the 19th day of Ramadhan 1432 Hijrah today. Praying that for the remaining days of Ramadhan we could do much more and better ibadahs (good deeds)..and hoping for HIS blessings that we'll get to be here for fasting and other deeds in future Ramadhans..amiin.

Little bit of update since early of the month :

4th. August ~

I actually made a surprise "balik kampung" trip during the first weekend, with only my younger sister who I had informed about my plan (needed to tell her because she had to pick me up at the airport..hehehe).

In K.Terengganu, Balqees was waiting for me at the airport with her mum, grinning happily. Batrisyia who just woke up from her noon sleep didn't compute that this aunty was home. Faraheen had a tuition.

Somehow Che Pah managed to find out about my intended trip (as I'd kept asking what she wanted me to take home..hehe)

The best response was from my mum ~ I got the hitting on my arm for not telling her even thou I'd spoken to her that morning..hahaha..

Its good to be home for a few days. Simple sahur and iftar, sometimes we just bought at bazaar Ramadhan, but I made time making the mini murtabak (been months ago that I made some that I'd almost forgotten how to make them..hehe).

(From previous makan-makan entry)

Back in K.L, been finalising our audited accounts..we managed to do it early this year..and yesterday they were endorsed by our directors, couple of months early before they are due for submission, Alhamdulillah.

and finally today, I spent little bit of time writing some of the Eid greeting cards given.

and now, attempting to update my blog...,

so if you can read this posting, then its :





Cat-from-Sydney said...

Yeay! Cheqna Boleh! purrrr *giggles*

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

u r into giggling now?? evil laughs reserve for after Ramadhan eh?

he he he..


thomas said...

Time flies fast,
hope that you can successfully complete your fasting month
as i can only watch and support
since i am not a muslim,

Umihoney said...

Dear Cheqna Boleh

That was some feat, busy busy Cheqna Boleh.

I like this new name
mu boleh sokmo

Take care luv

absolutely emy said...

patut ler sunyi je blog cheqna.. bz rupenyer.. anyway.. Cheqna boleh..!! hihihi..

Al-Manar said...

Mengapa tak beri tahu. Tinggal dimana, Losong?

Amri Abd Rani said...

Salam Penghujung Ramadhan.

A a.. mmg Cheqna boleh pun..

izzysabki said...

kad raya?xda ke utk sy?:(

ashiena said...

Salam Cheqna,


Salam Syawal juga....


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