Thursday, 24 March 2011

SPM results

Congratulations to those who scored good results yesterday, Alhamdulillah.

..and those who didn't achieve the target, don't worry too much, insyaAllah you'll be successful in the future provided that you try harder and do not let this results drag you down.

Received some feedback from the "sisters" in school, I was told that they didn't perform well last year, so I guess the HM and teachers are going to do a postmortem, and try their very best in improving the methods to achieve better results..

(Atikah, Hajar and Solehah ~ took them out and for lunch before their SPM last year - to release their tension :-) - they didn't do badly, all the best for their future!)

but as a friend said..doesn't matter how many As people score, its more important to become good person (she added..get good results but become a bully, buat apa?) true true..

From the colloquium that I attended in PD (read here) two years ago, I still keep in touch with some students that I met, and one of them is Farahin from Science School in Lahad Datu Sabah.

On the 19th she smsed me to say she was scared of the outcome, and yesterday around 2pm she texted me her results..Alhamdulillah she got 7As and glad for her...and I was touched when she said..."tq 4 always supporting me.." ~ but I didn't do much since I last met her  :-).

The girl Farahin, second from right, who sounded like she's in tears when I called her yesterday ; the boy in the red blazer, Azrin got some As as well, said "amiin" when I congratulated and prayed he'd do better in future :-)

Due to a short same program last year in Melaka, we didn't manage to get to know the kids, but they are taking their SPM this year, wishing them all the best!

Was thinking this morning that if I were to take SPM this year, I'm fairly confident that I could do well in Malay and English language, Pendidikan Islam, Maths, Accounting {~ but I'd need to study from now :-) ]

may be on History and Geography subjects would be a bit of a struggle;

but on the science subjects - Chemistry, Biology and Physics, I'd need yearsss...

what can you expect from someone in accounting department after all?..hehehe..

but before someone dares me to do it, better say that of course I cannot find the time to study for SPM with my workload..haha..



TK said...

Ingat dulu masa sek ambik pure science masa SPM, seksanya..I was weak in Physics and add maths.
Anak I, we train him maths byk2 taknak jd cam mak dia..
SS pecah rekod this year strait A's pun bertambah. 38 students dpt strait A's. Sek target 40 -almost reaching the target. Yg 9A's, 8A's, 7A's pun btambah juga..Oklah tu kan for a day school but still duduk tempat ke 13 in the state selepas all the boarding schools and sek agama negeri..

absolutely emy said...

Setuju.. tak kisah byk A's yang kita dapat.. yang penting menjadi manusia yang berguna kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.

Cheqna said...


congrats to the students and your school! I'm sure you are all very proud of their achievements.

I guess it doesn't matter where you study as long as you fully utilise the time and opportunity, strive harder to meet your own target.

All the best to your children!


Cheqna said...


betul kan, itu yang pentingnya, mereka aset berharga yg bakal menerajui negara..

..gagal sekarang bukan gagal selamanya, cuma kejayaan sekarang membuka jalan yang lebih mudah pada mereka.


thomas said...

what happen? trying to resit SPM again,
'once in a while' should be ok.

mie said...

tahniah untuk semua..

Cheqna said...


testing the mind (and at d same time increase the stress level..haha..)


Cheqna said...


dah lega for few months..hehe


NICK IRFAN said...

tgk bdk2 spm teringat zaman skola dulu.. ape2pun gudluck buat mereka smua!

Cheqna said...


zaman nakal-nakal Nick ye..hehehe..


Al-Manar said...

You were touched by the expression of gratitude. That is how I feel when children come around to share with me their joy of success. Just like you I felt the urge to post something even before I knew the results of hem all.

NARDtheNERD said...

teringat masa amik result spm dulu..
its a lil bit stress for me because of my previous pmr result.

but i didnt manage to get straight A's in spm. but alhamdulillah, i get what i deserved. :))

waliz said...

as a teacher there's nothing else we expect except for the students to succeed in their$$$$$$$

papabear said...

Congrats to the scorers... Pasha lama lagi..

papabear said...

check this out:

Aishah said...

Once we didn't need these many As for the results to be considered as good. Nowadays, anything short of all As can be considered a disappointment to many.

Amri Abd Rani said...

Pakwi dulu ambik SPM 2kali, yg pertama sgt teruk...yg kedua sgt cemerlang...

akhirnya, Alhamdulillah jadi gak manusia...

TQ Ibu dan Abah...
tak terbalas jasamu..

umihoney said...

Hi Cheqna,

I'd probably fail UPSR if I were to resit hehehe

Have a great Sunday.


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