Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Open "house"

My officemate and I were talking about having a "makan-makan" (eating) session at our department during the month of Syawal when a friend from project department said we should combined with them as we were on the same floor, and invite some others..

well, ok.. "why not?"

...but we couldn't fixed the date in Syawal as some of us still observed the six days of fasting in the month of Syawal (to follow the sunnah of Prophet s.a.w)

In the end, today became our "open-house", and when some asked what was the occasion for, we said "post-Syawal" or "pre-Eid ul Adha" (due this year on the 17th. November!)..hehehe

We actually prepared the food ourselves (and because of this, I couldnt attend the alumni's committee meeting last night.. :-) ..)

(mini murtabak)

~ Made this and received some orders..hmmm...may be I should start frozen-food bzness...ker ching! ker ching!..haha..as if I'd have time at the moment..

(Muffins ~ plain and blueberry flavour)

(Much easier to make, pre-mixed muffins mixture..needed only to add eggs, corn oil and water...order, order?)

And the rest...

(mini ketupat a.k.a rice cubes)

(Lengkong sirap ~ red jelly ~ a special request from me to kak Nani...)

(biscuit and snacks)

(chicken rendang from Ain - yummy..)

(Ain also made this fried noodle ~ she felt guilty for not being able to order the "roti jala"..hehe..)

Time to eat..



I'd say we had a good time..


story song said...

perot jadi lapar lihat gambar juadah tu. Belom makan siang pula.

Cheqna said...

story song,

pergi makan dulu, kalau sakit kan susah...tengok gambar saja tak kenyang..hehe..


story song said...

sorry,sebab lihat gambar tu ingat lebaran, ade mini murtabak, ade ketupat, ade juadahnye, ade pula rendang.gambar-gambar tu elok rupe, jadi lidah ni belior.jangan nak marah sayang ya...,ini ade lagu laen pula.

Amri Rani said...

sama la cam tempat keje Pakwi, org pompuan suka bawa kuih n kek...kita yg lelaki ni, tumpang sekaki...buat2 sibuk...hehe

waliz said...

wah, still in raya mood..hehe..dah nak raya haji tau :))

NICK IRFAN said...

tiba2 rasa x sabar nk raya plak bila tgk gmbr ni... hehhee

Cat-in-Sydney said...

First time I've heard of "post-Syawal pre-Eid-ul Adha" party. But the food looks good. purrr...meow!

NENSA MOON said...

Bingung nih... biasanya open house itu di Hari Raya ye... haha...
but never mind.. I'm glad to see you all have a great time... on 'makan-makan' nya...
bagi-bagi dong kesini makanannya, Cheqna...!!hehe..

Cheqna said...


baguslah sama-sama join makan..mana aci yang perempuan nya saja yang baju bertukar size lepas raya..hehe


Cheqna said...


bersambung-sambung raya, bukan ke musim haji bermula dari 1 Syawal...hehe..


Cheqna said...


hehe..tak tunggu raya pun tak pe..nanti kempunan pulak dik.


Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

the lunch/mini gathering at your mama's house here last month fell under same category...



Cheqna said...


hehehe..it should be, only that we ran out of Syawal days :-)

One day insyaAllah, should you be in my area, I'll cook for you eh?


I amsterdam said...

Nak order mini murtabak !!

Btw, kat sini pun ada orang buat open house raya puasa & pre raya haji, 2 in 1, jimat belanja... he..he..

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

give me advance notice when you are around here and I'll prepare frozen ones for you :-)

ye lah, jimat jimat..hehe


Jolly Princess said...

Wow! Looks like you enjoyed a lot. Love the chicken and bananas. :♥)

Bie said...

wah still mood raya best2....rindu balik raya!Lama lagi tunggu raya uhuhu

tapi raya haji tak lagi lama
tapi kat sini tak meriah!
takde yang sambut pun :(

Cheqna said...


yea..I enjoy eating..hehe..


Cheqna said...


kat tempat kami pun sama..mungkin if buat korban and kenduri meriah lah agaknya..

tp dalam pada tak meriah, kak cuti seminggu!..haha..


NARDtheNERD said...

semua sedapp sedapp..

Amri Abd Rani said...

yg pompuan kne tempah baju yg besar...cdg nk makan byk..hihi..
Pakwi maintain you...

Cheqna said...

Naddy sis,

yummy for few hours, have to diet for few weeks..ha ha


Cheqna said...


tempah ikut size, beli a size smaller kononnya target boleh lah nak pakai soon..

hakikatnya, duk tergantung dalam almari...brand new..hehehe...


lina@happy family said...

You make me hungry :)

Cheqna said...

hi Lina,

time to be in the kitchen!..hehehe..



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