Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sneak preview.... :-)

On my two-weeks "hari raya" break.

Our theme this year for "baju raya" was brownish...

Nazeem, Faraheen, Batrisyia and Balqees
on the first day of Syawal


NICK IRFAN said...

lama x nmpk akak pegi mne? eh! dalam gambar raya ni mne gambar akak? hehhehehe

Cheqna said...

hehe dik..kak bz bz sangat sampai tak sempat nak cari idea nak tulis sini..akak cuba update lah nanti.

gambar akak tak se chomel budak2 tu so letak gambar they all aje lah...hehehe..


I amsterdam said...

Welcome back !!! Brown is my fav colour !!!

Nitin said...

hehe.. it was a surprise to see your chat comment on the box. haha.. nice to see you after soo long. where have you been? nice updating gif right on top :)

Cheqna said...

Dearest I.a,

thank you very much..u missed me eh? and thanks for always "prodding" me to update my blog..hehehe..

Your fav colour?..i think it suits me too, and the raya "uniform" turned out well for us.


Cheqna said...

Hi Nitin,

I'm quite well tq but been bz with so many things that I couldn't think about updating or checking/visiting blogs..hehe..

nice to see u back here too!


NENSA MOON said...

Baju raya brownies-nya so cute!!
welcomeback, Cheqna..

Tar kalo semedi jangan lama2 ya, friend!!
Pasti udah banyak dapat ilham tuh abis semedi lama buanget! hehe...

NARDtheNERD said...

i pun colour coklat juge...

Cheqna said...

Thank you Nensa...,

hehehe..hope I'll have lots of ideas (and time) to update.

I do miss reading frens' made me happy, so I'm looking forward to blogwalking again!


Cheqna said...

Sis Naddy,

that's your fav kan? n i'm sure you looked luvly during raya...



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