Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New delivery...


....for a healthier n slimmer me... :-)

Starting early this month, I'm seriously into fitness, exercise regime and..errr..dieting, and therefore not surprisingly, I've added a new item to an already congested space @ home, hehe.. :-)

At 3pm, this was delivered to our home..

By 3.45pm, I'd already cycled for 13 mins..

"Lost" about 100 cals(?)

n the distance of 4kms?

Now I could cycle whilst watching TV, and if it happened to be between 5pm to 6pm, I'd have extra "fun" ~ watching my favourite TV channel - cooking programs @ the "Asian Food Channel"..hehehe...


  1. Hmm... nampaknya Cheqna memang "serius" ngan err..fitness aka dieting ni :)

    Good luck, jangan "hot hot chicken p** " tau!!!

  2. Hmmm....nice new delivery... Cheqna!
    good starting for getting slimmer.
    Hope you enjoy cycling while watching Tv...cooking program...?! haha...

  3. delivery for health and delicious TV Show...

  4. I.a dear..really really need lah..my baju kurungs can't expand but my body can "shrink" to fit back into them..hehehe..

    tqvm, yup i'll make sure its always "hot"..my determination that is..haha.


  5. Nensa,

    do hope for a fitter me in few weeks time...n of course to lose that extra2 kgs of fat..hehehe..

    Tqvm, so far i've enjoyed both..cycling n imagining eating all the yummy food prepared by the chefs..haha


  6. @ Ary.. so far so good, still enjoying d new delivery.




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