Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extra kgs...

I don't mind that sometimes our bags "gained" extra kgs on our return journeys..

..filled with keropoks from Terengganu

batiks, telekungs, etc from Jakarta/Bandung trip

chocolates from Langkawi... :-)


I do mind when the extra kgs are in me...


have to start watching my diet,
( do i count the calories?)

(from "Kung Fu Panda" movie)

make myself "available" to shed the extras extras...

(from "Kung Fu Panda" movie)

Kung Fu???

(from "Kung Fu Panda" movie)

slimmer in weeks, months?

I'm hoping...hehehe...



  1. Cheqna,
    What happened to your exercise regime? No need kungfu, just tawaf around Giant 10 times a day. Anyway, I think your computer clock has gone bonkers. It's late by 21 days! purrr...meow!

  2. Dear Cats,

    my regime? still on now i hope dah shed at least 1/2 kg if not 1 kg..haha...

    no lah, not late, updating postings by "actual" date, few more postings to go b4 current happenings..hehe


  3. not bad to learn from the Kungfu panda...hahaha...
    nice post as usual...Cheqna!

  4. tq Nensa..hv to admit, I love watching Kung Fu Panda, very entertaining..hehehe...


  5. kalau asyik balik kampung aje memang susah le..hehehe

    apa-apa pun there's always badminton at titiwangsa.:-))

  6. aduhai Pesara..balik kampung tak boleh buat apa lah..

    tp btul, btul, btul...anytime cabaran ke tasik titiwangsa n i'll take out the racket from the corner of the store room..hehehe..




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