Sunday, 11 April 2010

@ d Tea House

Location : Central Market, KL.

Occasion : Lunch

(the sign board)

(the inside view)

Rows of different type of teas

Tea flavored with dried slices of Assam fruit(asam gelugor/asam keping)
(~ Sipped before a meal, Assam tea has the power to nourish the body with rich antioxidants and convert fat into energy, decreasing inches from the waist and belly.)

(the fruit)

What asam gelugor/keping look like
~ I remember helping my mum slicing the fruit and let it dried under the sun :-)


Mas Cotek Tea ~ Remedy for detoxification, blood circulation and helpful for digestion system.


Our lunch :

(Nasi lemak with rendang)

(Laksa Penang ~ it was ok but quite "sweet" for me due to [I guessed] a bit too much of 'petis' @ sticky black fermented shrimp paste)

errr...there goes my extra extra miles..hehe..

We tried Mas Cotek and the Asam Gelugor tea
~ but asam tea was quite sour...

They had this set for sale, was told that its a hit with tourists but I wanted to buy the mug for my collection ~ it was out of stock.



Anonymous said...

Berkaitan asam keping ni, yang saya sendiri pernah menyaksikan dan dengar sendiri dari yang mengamalkannya. asam keping insyaAllah dapat menjadi sebab untuk hilangkan bisa-bisa badan dalam jangka lama diamalkan.

Cheqna said...

Oh ye ke? boleh lah diamalkan..sebenarnya lebih baik guna bahan2 asli drpd beli ubat2 yang moden kan?

tq Rad!



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