Tuesday, 9 February 2010

We tour de Langkawi

It was a trip over d long weekend of 30th Jan to 1st Feb. 2010, with my good friends ~ Chom n her mum, Rois n Nieza, kak Pah n me...

On arrival :

~Apartment @ Plaza Langkawi~

Views from d apartment :

Dataran Lang @ Eagle Square

Kota Mahsuri


The best known legend of Langkawi is of Mahsuri, a pretty maiden who lived during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah the Second who ruled Kedah between 1762 and 1800. She died under tragic circumstances for a crime she did not commit. She died a victim of a conspiracy plotted against her out of jealousy by Mahura, her very own mother-in-law for her magnetic personality.

Mahsuri was accused of committing adultery with Deramang, a young troubadour who she befriended and was sentenced to death.

As proof of her innocence, some people say, white blood was seen gushing out of her wound during execution at Padang Hangus. Others maintain there was the sudden appearance of white mist that enveloped the spot where she was executed, which it was believed was a sign of mourning of her innocence.

Mahsuri is best remembered for her curse on Langkawi which was uttered before she died. She had said, "For this act of injustice Langkawi shall not prosper for seven generations to come."

Myth, legend or fantasy? History tells us that within a few years of Mahsuri's death, Langkawi was devasted by the Siamese and Datuk Seri Kerma Jaya and his entire family were killed. Rice fields and granaries were completely set on fire.

To this day, grains that appear to be burnt rice grains are still to be found at Padang Matsirat.

However, many believe the curse is now over with the numerous development projects undertaken on the island.

@ Perdana Quay

Nearby, where "The Loaf" (bakery owned by Tun Dr. M) was located :

[for those cheese cakes... i'll brave myself to go to the Pavillion in KL!.. :-)]


The Isle of Langkawi has changed quite a bit since I last went there with my mum and family. So it was a good idea to hire the Serena for the 6 of us...and with our very capable Nieza (@ driver @ tour guide...hehe..), we had a very good time touring the island.

(it was Nieza who got the thumbs up from us...esp. from Chom's mum!)

One of d highlights for me was eating the "roti canai" at the stall under the tree near our apartment...i really luvvvvv it when we had it upon arrival on d first morning, that i said i wanted to have 2 d next morning!haha..luckily by the next day, i had d craving for only 1 n 1/2...hehehe...

and i had it again for breakfast on the last morning!

[i didnt want to finish this! :-) ]

Of course another highlight was shopping at the Haji Ismail's shops!...hehehe

(one of the many branches that they have all over Pekan Kuah)

Saying goodbye to Langkawi...till next time, insyaAllah...

[Note : The 15th edition of Le Tour De Langkawi 2010 (LTDL) will be held on the 1st to 7th March 2010 ~ http://www.ltdl.com.my/ ]



Cat-in-Sydney said...

Eeeeeuuuwwww! Benci! Lain kali ajaklah kucing! Nak itut... purrr...meow!

Cheqna said...

mmmm...Angie dear, i dont mind "smuggling" u on d way there..after all d bags are empty...

but how to bring u back? u cant share d space with all those chocolates...u r allergic to it right?


JournoDownUnder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cat-in-Sydney said...

I've been mean. I've tagged you. Check out my latest entry - Water Conservation Initiative. har har har *evil laughs*

Angelina (I copied Brad's trademark laugh)

Arindam said...

very nice blogs... awesome photographs. I've started following your blog.


Cheqna said...

Thanks Arindam for following, hope it benefits u...once in a while, if not always.


Cheqna said...

Cat oh Cat...u r not mean, THANK U for tagging me for a good cause....luv ya! muah muah!


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Chekna, The last time I was here I think wayyyy back in the late '70s.
Love the place too, but I guess not do modern like today. Nice pictures.
Terima kaseh for your warm thoughts re my friend Ruby's passing away.
I appreciate it. Thank you.
You stay young and have a nice day, Lee.


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