Monday, 8 February 2010

Mini addition - pt 2

Update :

Did a second exercise after i got back from d office, but this time for 20 minutes and complete with wearing this "track" suit (it really made me sweat, even b4 i did the stepping!) :

I really really hope to do this regularly,

...for a fitter n healthier me.



Uncle Lee said...

Hello Chekna, good for you doing exercises.
Allow me to suggest you also drink lots of Chinese or Japanese green tea...3 to 4 cups a day, hot or cold will help keep you healthy. Check it out.

Today disini Mat salleh women a lot switched to Chinese green tea as they all overweight, ha ha.
Apa tada, 'MacDonalds double cheese burger, double fries with gravy, big glass of Coke. Habis cherita!

Drink one cup when wake up, bring to office....drink often especially after eating oily dishes.
You have fun, stay young and simpan a lagu dalam hati, have a nice day, Lee.
ps, I love Trengganu. Used to stay at Tanjong Jara, and Primula hotel, love nasi dagang too.

Cheqna said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Thank u for dropping by and giving me the good tips!..i'll try that ~ i do have have lots of Chinese tea in my kitchen - hope tak expired lagi..hehe..

ye la..MCD doubles...but i heard some take with diet coke! :-)

going back to Terengganu this CNY break. n my family love the nasi Dagang at the stall near Pantai Batu Buruk, may be when u next in KT...?

tqvm for ur kind wishes..u too have a nice day over there!


I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

Have fun stepping, but does it really work? Would like to recommend it to Man if it does :)

Me? I don't need it coz I do the stepping everyday when I send Ilham to school and back and again to school to pick him up and back again(all in all 80 minutes) Ohh my poor legs, it used to ache... But not anymore :) Now, we cycle just like the Dutch :))

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Uncle Lee, whatcha doin' ngorat my Cheqna? hahahaha....

Anyway, Cheqna, where did you get the suit? My Mama asked, any in "her" size? purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

Dear I.a..

not sure if it works..according to the sales girl it should...but hope she was not just doing the sales far ok..not forcing myself so i'll slowly add the time later.

Man is in need of exercise eh?..i thot he's bz over there with d setting up everything?...ajak dia join u gi cycle lah..



Cheqna said...

Dear Cat...purrrrring with jealousy eh, show us ur claws! hehehe...

but b4 that, tell ur Mama d suit is in man's size...and anyway, if Cheqna can wear it, surely so can she!



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