Friday, 22 January 2010

Mother's Love

"I still love him just as I have before," she cried.

"None of us can ever hate him as he had always been a loving son and brother. He was always willing to sacrifice anything to ensure our happiness."

Excerpt from :

(re ~ Gemencheh Murder: Grieving mum vows to stand by her son ~ 2010/01/22 ~ By Heidi Foo, Darshini Balan and Siti Nor Amirah Abu Bakar)

I cried when i read the article in NST this morning, about a mum grieving and vowing to stand by her son who was charged for the murder of four of his family members earlier this month...

...I felt such a love of a mother to her child, even thou she lost her parents-in-law, husband and daughter...(may their souls rest in peace...amiin)

When i switched to the next paper, there was this news about a daughter not acknowledging her mum after she got married and left her hometown...and after some years, the mother had to borrow from relatives and friends for the tickets just so she could look for her in KL..

but instead she was disappointed with the treatment that she got from her loved one.

again my tears dropped...

I'm not commenting on the case as i do not know the whole scenario but b'cos lately there had been so many news about children abandoning their parents that i feel so sad...

but everytime i read about something like this, i always pray that my siblings n i will treat and look after our mum properly..offer prayers for her and also for our beloved arwah father..

InsyaAllah I'l do my best.


I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

A mother would always love her child no matter what... It's the child who tends to forget.

Cheqna said...

Dear I.a,

how true these days...hope it wont happen to u or me...amiin.


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